NOTE:  My apologies to my Web Catcher readers.  I am too caught up in other projects to keep this going right now.  I’m hoping to get back to it soon! 

Welcome to The Web Catcher, where you’ll (soon) find descriptions and links to the best of the web for kids. Look for sites by age, topics, features, learning styles and more, and peruse our ever-changing top ten list!


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About Me

I am Kirsten Haugen, MA, a parent, special education teacher, writer, and educational technology consultant with special interests in assistive technology, early intervention, student writing and publishing, and mental health issues for children and adolescents.

I have done work for Alliance for Technology Access, Child Care information Exchange, Center for Accessible Technology, Don Johnston, Inc., Eugene 4J School District, IntelliTools, Technology, Reading and Learning Diversity Conference, the World Forum on Early Care and Education, and other organizations, school districts and non-profits.

Learn more about me and my other work at Haugen’s Tech Tips Blog.

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